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You’ve reached my favorite step—I now get to know the mystery man who has been charmed by my online presence. For us to get to know each other, please submit the information requested on my screening form. Regarding your privacy, I am always discreet and respectful.

I ask for your information solely for the purpose of screening for my safety and peace of mind. All information you provide is kept entirely confidential.

If you feel it is more personal to send me an email, go right ahead. Simply make sure you include all the relevant information from the form. I will get back to you as soon as possible – and If I don’t answer right away, allow my photos to keep your mind occupied until I send you a note!

I do prefer to communicate via email, as it is the most discreet option for our correspondence. And please remember, I will only share my phone number when we are travelling together.

I’m excited to meet you!

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    As an alternative, screening can be completed via employment verification. For this, I request that you send a blank email directly from your work email address to my unpublished, private email for verification. Please inquire for my unpublished email address.

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