Anyone can be provocative. Not everyone can be sensual.

What to expect…

You may not immediately agree with the above statement. Or you may never have paused long enough to consider the difference between titillation and sensuality. I discovered, true sensuality is a gift, and it’s one I would like to share with you.

As a sensually confident, independent companion, let me explain a little more about my style of personalized experiences.

Seeking deeper connections…

It’s been privilege to travel the world and live in exotic locations. Every destination is full of overwhelming indulgences promising immediate pleasure. But the rush they offer is short-lived.

As an affectionate woman who feels deeply, I always long for a truer connection to my surroundings. I desire what’s beyond the surface pleasures. This want has taken me on journey of intimate exploration. One which fulfills my preferences and passions, and has sculpted my view of sensuality.

Being truly down to earth and passionate, I am an attentive listener, so you can comfortably share your thoughts with me on any subject without judgement and with total confidentiality. One of the best aspects of being a companion is knowing that I can make a lonely man feel close to someone, and a neglected man feel adored. I love sharing a special connections.

Long-term partners luxuriate in these connections. As do lovers with the freedom to escape reality long enough to savor each other’s company to unleash the sensual and passionate bond that’s unique to them.

As someone who doesn’t believe in monogamy, I know it’s entirely possible to embrace your sensual side and still respect someone’s desire to remain free from complex emotions.

…Giving the girlfriend experience you’ve always wanted – full of excitement, passion, and genuine intimacy.

…Building anticipation ahead of our time together. Holding a softly – spoken, flirtatious conversation. One which flaws easily and sets a relaxed yet intriguing tone for what may follow.

…Holding into the memory of our first passionate kiss and playful laughter.

…Revealing in our shared erotic atmosphere which stimulates every sense.

And, with my casual yet elegant style, we can go out comfortably, knowing that no one will suspect a thing.


Discover what true sensuality feels like

What to remember…

As a gentleman, you are – of course – respectful, generous, thoughtful, and gracious. You long for new adventures, genuine closeness, new knowledge, and the unforgettable indulgence of sensuality….and you want me along for the ride. Please keep a few things in mind:

  • I wish to meet mature gentlemen over 40, as that is my preference.
  • I am always punctual, so please be respectful of my time and I will do the same for you.
  • Our mutual respect is crucial, and if I do not feel comfortable with you, I will terminate our date or communication.
  • Rates are structured to favor longer, more meaningful, more relaxing, and more memorable experiences. These deep connections develop organically over romantic dinners, overnight stays, travel invitations, and other prolonged getaways.
  • If you are truly interested in relaxing, I would recommend a longer date for us to get to know one another as lovers.
  • The best way to request a date with me is to submit a screening form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.